#41D Special (Friday – January 5, 2018)

Soup Bowl – $5.50

Our Sour Dough bread bowl toasted with melted cheese with a full serving of our home style soup. Choose from the SOUP of the day, chicken noodle, tomato basil or Italian wedding.
(Add a half deli sandwich or half grilled cheese sandwich for $2.25 on white,wheat or rye bread)


Our 100% all beef Angus burger with lettuce,tomato ketchup,mustard and sliced pickle on a toasted roll

#41D – $6.25

Our Philly style tender top round steak, smothered with cheese, sweet peppers and onions on our Italian half sub..( choice of topping; mayo,ketchup,Russian dressing, horseradish sauce )

Meatball Parmigiano – $5.95

Our Italian style meatballs smothered in mozzarella cheese and covered with tomato sauce toasted till the cheese melts…

Pastrami – $6.75

Lean, HOT pastrami with Swiss cheese on deli rye. Topped with mustard, comes with a side of chips.

BBQ Bacon CheeseBurger – $5.75

100 % all beef burger, melted cheese, BACON , saute onion and BBQ sauce on our kieser roll with side chips