Boardwalk Pork Roll Special (Thursday – October 12, 2017)

Roast Beef Baddabing – $6.75

Lean roast beef with pepperjack cheese topped with onions, sweet pepper, and horseradish sauce on an Italian roll…served with a side of chips.

Honey kissed Turkey breast SPECIAL – $5.25

Thumans low sodium Honey Turkey stacked high on your choice of bread or roll topped with ripe tomato,lettuce and Honey mustard

Pastrami Joe Special – $5.75

Lean Pastrami simmered hot smothered with melted Swiss cheese and topped with our cole slaw and Russian dressing with sliced pickle.


Our 100% all beef Angus burger with lettuce,tomato ketchup,mustard and sliced pickle on a toasted roll

Waffle Chicken sandwich – $6.50

Ah waffles what could be better..we take our lightly breaded chicken breast top it with cheese on a bed of lettuce covered by a tomato and mayo all between to tasty waffles. Comes with side chips

Boardwalk Pork Roll SPECIAL – $6.00

Trenton Pork Roll sliced thick and grilled smothered with mozzarella cheese ,sweet peppers & onions on a 7 inch Italian Roll with a splash of marinara sauce ( you can substitute hot peppers )