Hump Day Special (Wednesday – February 7, 2018)

Pierogies – $6.25

6 Polish style cheddar cheese and potato pierogies sauteed in onion and butter with a side of slaw & sour cream.

Hump day Special – $6.95

Our breaded fried chicken tenders topped with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce and sweet roasted peppers all wrapped up with side frie.

Roast Beef Baddabing – $6.75

Lean roast beef with pepperjack cheese topped with onions, sweet pepper, and horseradish sauce on an Italian roll…served with a side of chips.

Corned Beef – $6.50

Thumans lean Corned Beef served hot on deli rye, topped with mustard…comes with a pickle spear on the side.

Healthy Pick Sub – $5.75

Roasted turkey breast, lettuce, tomatoes, & honey mustard on a fresh whole wheat sub…served with a side of chips. ( call for roll availability)