Main Street Burgers

Hamburger Deluxe – $7.95
Our Angus burger cooked your way with fries,slaw and pickle..lettuce & tomato too..

California Burger – $5.95
Lean ground ANGUS beef hand formed, lettuce,tomato,pickle, sweet onion,mayo and ketchup on a bun w/side chips ( add cheese $.50 )

Burger Wrap – $5.50
100% ground beef shaped to fit snuggly in our wrap with lettuce, tomato, pickle, & ketchup ( add cheese .50 )

Angus Burger – $4.25
100 % Angus Beef,hand formed grilled your way on a toasted bun

Cheeseburger – $4.95
Our Angus Beef grilled your way with melted cheese on a toasted bun

Veggie Burger – $4.50
California veggie burger on crisp greens with sliced pickle and tomato, topped with light mayo on a fresh bun.

Crunchy Bacon Burger – $5.50
Our all-beef ANGUS burger, melted cheese over crispy bacon, sliced pickle, ketchup, and mustard...topped with crunched onion rings...on a toasted roll.

Turkey Burger Melt – $6.75
From our Main Street Burger Menu--Our own turkey burger, smothered with sauteed onions and melted cheese on a toasted bun with a hand full of fries on the side.

Tijuana Burger – $5.95
Our ground all beef Angus burger on a bed of lettuce, topped with melted pepper jack cheese, saute onion,salsa,sliced pickle on a toasted bun or Burrito style....

Burger Cubano – $5.95
All-beef ANGUS burger with thick-sliced ham, melted Swiss cheese, sliced pickle, and tangy garlic mayo on a toasted bun.

Burger Smash – $5.75
Fresh ground 100% ANGUS beef grilled tender - loaded with sauteed onions, cheese, and our special "Crunch Bunch" topping, smashed together with pickles, mayo, ketchup, and mustard.

English Cheddar Burger – $5.25
Angus all beef burger, melted cheddar cheese, topped with sliced pickle, crisp onion on a bed of lettuce and tomato and a dash of mayo between a toasted sandwich size English Muffin

Jalapeno Burger ( Tamarindo ,Costa Rica) – $6.25
Our fresh Angus chopped beef burger sprinkled with our spicy blend of seasoning, topped with saute onions, melted pepper jack cheese,covered with sliced jalapeno peppers and bacon...

Big Lou Burger – $7.25
100% all-beef burger topped with crispy onion rings,mozzarella stix and fries...covered with melted cheese, tomato, pickle,ketchup , mustard and crunchy topping. Served on a toasted roll ..

Chili Cheddar Taco Burger – $5.95
Our tasty chili and melted cheddar cheese over our all-beef hand-made ground beef burger topped with crunchy taco chips.

Jersey Burger – $6.25
Thick slices of Trenton Pork Roll on top of our ground Angus beef burger topped with fried onions,melted mozzarella cheese, sliced pickles on a bed of lettuce...all on a Kaiser roll with ketchup,mustard

The Sensation – $6.25
Our fresh ground 100 % Angus beef burger smothered with melted cheddar cheese, fries, onion rings.pickle & ketchup...on a toasted kaiser roll

Avocado Burger – $6.95
Fresh ground beef grilled to perfection nestled on a bed of greens, topped with a slice of sweet onion, tomato and ripe avocado covered with melted muenster cheese. Add a splash of our own sweet relish all between a toasted bun...served with a side of chips.

Ranch Burger Melt – $4.95
Our all-beef ANGUS burger with melted Muenster cheese topped with sliced pickles, tomato, sauteed onions and Ranch-style mayo...served with a side of chips.

Burgerami Joe – $6.95
Lean PASTRAMI over our own ANGUS BURGER, melted Swiss, lettuce,tomato,slaw topped with thousand island dressing with side of chips.

Captain America Cheeseburger – $7.25
100% all-beef burger smothered with creamy melted yellow American cheese, pickles, tomato, crisp onion ring, and ketchup - with a side of our American cheezy fries.

Pizza Burger & Pizza Fries – $6.95
Crispy fries smothered with Mozzarella cheese and sauce...served with a "side" pizza burger...100% all-beef, tomato sauce, and melted Mozzarella cheese.

Patty Melt Burger – $5.25
Our Grilled Swiss & American Cheese combo on toasted deli rye stuffed with our Angus Burger & sauted onions.

Turkey Burger Brunch – $6.50
Our own chopped Turkey Burger grilled,smothered with cheese topped with an EGG, more cheese and bacon...side chips and pickle spear

Turkey Burger & Avocado melt – $6.45
Our own Turkey Burger hand formed topped with Muenster cheese ,Avocado and saute onions between two slices of rye bread grilled crisp..with side chips

BBQ Bacon CheeseBurger – $5.75
100 % all beef burger, melted cheese, BACON , saute onion and BBQ sauce on our kieser roll with side chips

Cheeseburger Deluxe – $7.95
Our Angus burger smothered with cheese with side fries ,slaw and pickle..lettuce & tomato too..

Italian Turkey Burger ( Corso Vannucci the main street of Perugia,Italy – $6.95
Noted for their Turkey recipes we go to Perugia Italy..Our own ground Turkey burger - smothered with sweet peppers,onions & potatoes covered with provolone cheese on a toasted bun

Brunch Burger – $5.95
We take our 100% Angus Beef burger cover it with bacon and melted cheese, smashed potatoes and topped with a grilled egg on a toasted bun with our creamy french mayo

Turkey Burger – $5.50
Our lean ground Turkey hand formed and grilled your way on a toasted bun

Oklahoma El Reno style Onion Burger – $5.95
Pile of grilled onion smashed together with our Angus Burger grilled until a crisp crust forms and topped with cheese,pickle,mustard and ketchup on a soft bun

"NEW" Blue Burger – $5.95
Our Angus 100 % beef on a bed of lettuce covered with crispy onions, melted Muenster cheese. bacon and creamy Blue Cheese dressing on a soft bun

Philly Burger – $6.95
Our 100% Angus Beef burger cooked your way topped with cheese and tender Philly Style steak with peppers,onions and more melted cheese

Hollywood Burger and fries – $7.45
Our Angus Burger smothered with melted American cheese on a bed of lettuce and tomato,topped with sliced cucumber and avocado with a splash of creamy dressing with side fries

Italian Mozzarella burger – $5.25
Our famous Angus burger topped with sweet peppers and melted soft mozzarella on a bed of lettuce and tomato on a seasoned toasted roll

Burgeriener – $7.25
We take our 100% Angus beef burger and saute onions on top of crisp lettuce topped with melted American cheese. Then we add a sliced Thumans all beef "HOTDOG" smothered with provolone cheese topped with a sliced tomato. Drizzled with ketchup, mayo, mustard and pickle

Turkey Burger Western – $6.50
Our hand formed ground Turkey burger grilled your way and topped with a grilled egg covered with melted cheese and our Cowboy chili all over Nacho Taco chips

PepperJack Burger & poppers – $7.50
Our 100% Angus Burger topped with crisp onion rings smothered with pepper jack cheese, lettuce on a kaiser roll spread with mild horseradish sauce with a side of Jalapeno Poppers