Hot Sandwiches

Includes breakfast stuff, wraps, and specialty sandwiches

Chicken Caprese – $6.75
Tender grilled chicken breast smothered with soft mozzarella cheese and sweet roasted peppers drizzeled with evoo and seasoning on a toasted roll

#14 – $5.95
Meatball (Mom's Own) all beef smothered in Italian Sauce

Grilled Chicken – $5.95
Tender chicken breast, lettuce ,tomato & mayo choice of bread

#12 - 7 inch from our Original menu – $5.95
Italian style Sweet Peppers & fluffy eggs saute together for a taste treat smothered with mozzarella cheese

Pastrami – $6.75
Lean, HOT pastrami with Swiss cheese on deli rye. Topped with mustard, comes with a side of chips.

Pastrami JOE – $7.25
Our Sloppy Joe - lean pastrami with melted Swiss cheese, slaw, and Russian dressing on deli rye bread...served with a side of chips.

Roast Beef Melt – $6.75
Lean roast beef, Muenster cheese, and sliced tomato - grilled on deli rye 'till crisp...comes with a side of chips.

Texas Turkey Crunch – $6.50
Thick Texas Toast piled high with roasted turkey breast, cheese, crunchy chips, & ranch mayo.

Oscar Southern Style – $6.25
Thuman's low sodium Bologna grilled, with melted cheese,sauteed onion and a dash of deli mustard on a toasted roll. My Bologna has a first name,LOU'S....

Chicken Calabrase – $6.95
Grilled Chicken Breast, sliced pepperoni, provolone cheese,sweet peppers and seasoning topped with creamy Italian dressing on a 7 inch Italian sub ( whole sub $13.25 )

Texas Ranch Hand Sandwich – $6.75
Thick-sliced batter-dipped bread grilled and stuffed with lean roast beef, pepper jack cheese, and ranch mayo.

Arizona Chicken – $6.95
Our tender grilled chicken breast smothered with pepperjack cheese and sauteed onions, drizzled with a creamy BBQ sauce - on a toasted sub.

Sloppy Frog – $5.95
Trenton Taylor Ham (Pork Roll) and Thumans Bologna topped with melted cheese( your choice ),grilled onions and mustard on a kaiser roll...comes with a side of chips.

Chicken Pepperoni – $6.95
Our tender chicken breast with thin-sliced pepperoni, smothered in mozzarella cheese and topped with tomato sauce.

Western Grinder – $6.50
Lean roast beef topped with Jack cheese, crisp onion, sliced pickle, and light ranch dressing on a 1/2 sub...served with a side of chips.

Chicken Melt – $6.95
Our juicy grilled chicken breast topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and creamy dressing...served with a side of chips.

Chicken California Style – $6.95
Our plump chicken breast diced and mixed with real mayonnaise and Avocado scooped on top of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and sliced cucumber between slices of whole wheat bread with side chips.

Chicken & Avacado Sizzle – $6.95
Tender grilled chicken saute'd with ripe Avocado slices , sweet roasted peppers, a dash of sweet relish and topped with melted creamy muenster cheese on a toasted Italian roll with pickle spear

Grilled Cheese Combo – $5.95
THICK sliced bread ( white or whole wheat your choice )yellow American, Swiss and muenster cheese combo, grilled till crisp and gooey with side chips.

Triple-Decker Cheese Melt – $5.75
Mixed combo of our finest cheeses melted between two slices of white bread and a middle slice of whole wheat - served with a side of chips.

Toasted Italian Sub – $6.25
Seasoned bread, provolone, cheese, capicola, salami, pepperoni, sliced tomatoes, and olive oil. Toasted crisp with a side of chips.

Chicken stacked – $6.95
Crispy onion rings,tomato,lettuce,sliced pickle special sauce stacked on our tender grilled chicken breast on your choice of bread

Chicken DiJon – $6.95
tender chicken breast egg dipped and fast sauted in a DiJon sauce served over crisp lettuce & tomato on a kaiser roll w/side chips

NY Deli - Pastrami & Turkey – $6.95
Lean Pastrami melted cheddar cheese, tender turkey breast, sliced pickle on deli rye bread w/side slaw & chips

Tender Turkey, Chicken or Beef with veggies , rice and seasoning rolled in our flour tortilla,fried till crisp w/side of seasoned fries ( Turquia Tender,frijoles rojos, arroz,y especias rodo en nuestra tortilla de harina,hasta crujiente w / side de papas fritas )

Sliced Steak Sandwich – $6.95
Tender sliced steak marinated in our special sauce ,broiled and sliced , covered with melted cheese, saute onion on toasted roll w/side chips

Chicken BLT – $6.50
Grilled chicken with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Russian dressing on a toasted sub.

Eggs, Potato, & Cheese – $5.75
Our fluffy eggs scrambled and sliced potatoes covered with melted cheese and stuffed between sliced Italian Roll, comes with a side of chips.

Grillded Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub – $6.95
Our grilled chicken topped with cheese,bacon ,lettuce,tomato and ranch dressing on a great 7 inch Italian Sub

Open face Roast Beef – $6.95
Tender Roast Beef sliced thin smothered with beef gravy and melted cheese over slices of thick white bread . With a side chips ( add fries 1.95 )

Cajun Shrimp Sandwich – $6.95
Batter-dipped Shrimp in a spicy marinade, melted Jack cheese atop crisp lettuce and tangy slaw on a round roll with side spicy chips

Fish Grinder – $6.95
Deep fried Fillet of Fish over lettuce with tomato,topped with cole slaw, sliced pickle and Russian dressing on a toasted roll

Meatball Parmigiano – $5.95
Our Italian style meatballs smothered in mozzarella cheese and covered with tomato sauce toasted till the cheese melts...

Teriyaki Steak Sandwich – $7.25
Lean steak marinated in teriyaki sauce sliced thin and topped with melted Muenster cheese & sauteed onion served with fries.

Chicken Grinder – $6.95
Tender grilled chicken breast, melted muenster cheese, creamy slaw and sliced avocado dressed with our Thousand Island dressing on a toasted 1/2 Italian sub

Gooie Louie a sloppy Joe – $6.95
Thumans low sodium Turkey breast and muenster cheese sliced thin on a bed of lettuce smothered with cole slaw, Russian dressing and sliced pickles between two slices of deli rye...served with a side of chips.