Deli Sandwiches

Served on your choice of round roll, Portuguesse, grain bread, white bread, or wheat bread.

Monte Cristo – $6.75
Batter dipped bread stuffed with ham, turkey, and swiss cheese grilled 'till crisp

B.L.T. – $5.50
Choice of bread toasted and filled with lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon and mayo

Pastrami JOE – $7.25
Our Sloppy Joe - lean pastrami with melted Swiss cheese, slaw, and Russian dressing on deli rye bread...served with a side of chips.

Texas Turkey Crunch – $6.50
Thick Texas Toast piled high with roasted turkey breast, cheese, crunchy chips, & ranch mayo.

Panini Deli – $5.95
Stuffed rustic bread with lean Roast beef, Turkey breast, Muenster cheese, lettuc and tomato with choice of your favorite dressing. Grilled crisp and cut in half...with a side of chips.

Pastrami & Turkey Wrap – $6.95
Lean pastrami and sliced turkey breast, Russian dressing, lettuce and sliced cucumber ...with side pickle spear and chips.

Egg Salad on whole wheat roll – $5.25
Fresh egg salad on whole wheat roll topped with sliced tomato and lettuce...served with a side of chips.

French Dip – $6.75
Our tender low-sodium roast beef dipped in our own gravy on a seasoned toasted roll with a side of our dipping au jus sauce...comes with a side of chips. ( add cheese .75 )( add gravy fries $2.95)

Turkey Melt – $6.75
Turkey breast topped with melted cheese, tomato, and mayo served on deli rye toasted crisp...comes with a side of chips.

Pastrami with a Twist – $6.95
Lean pastrami topped with melted Swiss cheese and sauteed onions on a deli rye with horseradish sauce...served with a side of chips.

Chicken Cordon Bleu – $6.25
Tender grilled chicken breast covered with sliced ham and Swiss cheese topped with creamy dressing and mustard with tomato and lettuce on a Kaiser roll.

Heart Healthy Sandwich – $5.25
Sliced turkey breast on whole wheat with mustard, lettuce, and tomato.

Triple-Decker Cheese Melt – $5.75
Mixed combo of our finest cheeses melted between two slices of white bread and a middle slice of whole wheat - served with a side of chips.

Better for you – $5.50
Sliced lean roasted Turkey breast, Munster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and lite mayo on deli rye or whole wheat with side of chips.

Egg Salad Sandwich Choice – $5.25
Fresh hard-boiled eggs mixed with our real mayonnaise scooped on top of lettuce, tomato, onion between YOUR CHOICE OF; KAISER roll, WHOLE WHEAT, WHITE OR DELI RYE with side chips.

California Turkey Avacado – $6.95
Sliced Turkey breast, creamy muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and ripe AVOCADO slices with ranch dressing...on deli rye bread or wrap with side chips.

Grilled Cheese Combo – $5.95
THICK sliced bread ( white or whole wheat your choice )yellow American, Swiss and muenster cheese combo, grilled till crisp and gooey with side chips.

Gooie Louie a sloppy Joe – $6.95
Thumans low sodium Turkey breast and muenster cheese sliced thin on a bed of lettuce smothered with cole slaw, Russian dressing and sliced pickles between two slices of deli rye...served with a side of chips.

Chicken Salad on Bagel – $5.50
Our own Chicken Salad topped with lettuce and tomato, mayo on BAGEL served with side chips ( add cheese $.50 )

Pastrami – $6.75
Lean, HOT pastrami with Swiss cheese on deli rye. Topped with mustard, comes with a side of chips.

NY Deli - Pastrami & Turkey – $6.95
Lean Pastrami melted cheddar cheese, tender turkey breast, sliced pickle on deli rye bread w/side slaw & chips

Sliced Steak Sandwich – $6.95
Tender sliced steak marinated in our special sauce ,broiled and sliced , covered with melted cheese, saute onion on toasted roll w/side chips

Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich – $6.50
Juicy grilled chicken covered with melted mozzarella cheese topped with creamy Caesar dressing, lettuce, tomato and sweet peppers.

Turkey Club – $6.25
Triple deck of lean low sodium Turkey Breast sliced thin with lettuce ,tomato, mayo and Bacon between three slice of soft bread served with side chips ( add cheese $.50 )

Tuna Melt – $6.25
Our fresh home made tuna salad, choice of cheese, spread on a bed of lettuce and tomato...on your choice of bread or wrap grilled till the cheese melts. Comes with a side of chips.

Caprese Sandwich – $6.25
Soft Mozzarella, Sweet Roasted Peppers, Basil, Pesto and Tomato on 1/2 Italian Sub Toasted so the mozzarella melts over the fresh sliced tomato with side chips....

West Coast Beef WW – $6.75
Our lean low sodium Roast Beef sliced thin piled high on our wonderful whole wheat bread or whole wheat sub roll ( call for availability) with lettuce, tomato and avocado slices topped with ranch dressing ( add cheese .75 ))

Turkey Avocado Grinder – $6.95
Thumans low sodium Turkey Brest sliced thin over lettuce topped with our slaw, sliced Avocado and Russian dressing on deli rye

Roast Beef Sloppy Joe – $6.95
Lean sliced top round of beef, choice of cheese, creamy cole slaw and Russian dressing on kaiser roll. Served with side pickle and chips