Salad Sandwiches

Egg Salad on whole wheat roll – $5.25
Fresh egg salad on whole wheat roll topped with sliced tomato and lettuce...served with a side of chips.

Egg Salad Sandwich Choice – $5.25
Fresh hard-boiled eggs mixed with our real mayonnaise scooped on top of lettuce, tomato, onion between YOUR CHOICE OF; KAISER roll, WHOLE WHEAT, WHITE OR DELI RYE with side chips.

Chicken Salad on Bagel – $5.50
Our own Chicken Salad topped with lettuce and tomato, mayo on BAGEL served with side chips ( add cheese $.50 )

Nantucket Tuna salad – $6.75
Our own Tuna Salad spread on a giant sandwich size English Muffin sitting on a bed of lettuce and topped with roasted peppers,tomato,sliced pickle drizzled with pesto mayo. Comes with side chips.