HOT Doggies

Plump Thumans 100 % all beef doggies almost a quarter pound ..have um your way...

Hot Dog – $3.75
Plump Thumans doggie almost a 1/4 lb.

Texas Weiner – $5.00
Thumans plump low sodium Hot dog smothered with our own Chili, mustard and diced onion ( 2 for $9.50 )

Philly Dog – $5.95
Thuman's thick frank, philly steak, sauteed onions, melted yellow American cheese, and crumbled chips - on a toasted 1/2 sub.

Cheese Doggy – $3.90
One juicy hot doggy with melted cheddar cheese...comes with a side chips.

Chili Cheese Dog – $5.95
Thumans plump hot dog smothered with our Chili topped with melted cheese. Served with a side of cheese fries.

Hot Dog Reuben – $5.25
Thumans plump doggie..grilled and topped with melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a toasted sub covered with mustard and served with a side of chips.

Italian Style Hot Doggie – $5.95
Sweet fried peppers, saute onion, and potatoes...smothering a big plump Thumans doggie on a toasted Italian roll ( choice of mustard or tomato sauce ).

double DAG dare doggies – $5.95
2 ALL BEEF HOT DOGS smothered with sauerkraut and mustard in a Italian roll topped with sweet relish with side chips

German style doggie – $6.25
Our plump Thumans brand hot dog smothered with Sauerkraut, Slaw,sliced pickles and spicy brown mustard served with side fries

Fabulous Frank – $4.95
Juicy Thumans hot dog, wrapped in bacon deep fried and topped with Chile,mustard and onion with side chips ( add cheese .50 )

Frankin Chil-egg – $6.50
Grease trucks got nothin on us..Plump Thumans hot doggie topped with spicy brown mustard covered with our Chili and Fries,topped with a fried Egg covered with melted cheese nestled in our Italian Sub...

Chili cheese dog and poppers SPECIAL – $6.50
Thumans plump all beef hot dog smothered with our own CHILI recipe and melted cheese with a side of mild Jalapeno poppers

Greasy HOUND – $6.25
2 of our all beef doggies smothered with kraute,fries,onion rings,cheese,chili and mustard on a toasted Italian roll..

Cowboy Dog – $5.25
Thumans plump hot dog smothered with sweet and HOT peppers, onions, Cheddar cheese and topped with BBQ sauce

Chili Cheese Dog & cheese fries – $6.75
WE take our BIG plump Thumans hot dog, topped with our own ground beef CHILI and smothered with cheese and chopped onion with a side of chili cheese fries

– $7.25
We take our 100% Angus beef burger and saute onions on top of crisp lettuce and mayo topped with 1/2 a Thumans wiener and melted American cheese. Then we add sliced tomato and the other 1/2 sliced Thumans all beef "HOTDOG" smothered with provolone cheese. Topped with a sliced pickle. Drizzled with ketchup and mustard.

PICKLE DOG – $4.75
Our extra plump Thumas all beef hot dog side by side with a sliced dill pickle and sweet relish topped with mustard comes with chips ( add onions .50 )