#28 – $6.50
Our Home style Tuna Salad atop American Cheese....You'll love it covered with Lettuce,tomato,onion,seasoning and dressing ..A true favorite at Lou's..

#45 - 7 inch – $6.95
Fish Fillet batter dipped and fried till golden brown topped with lettuce, tomato, tarter sauce on 1/2 sub ( add cheese $.75 )

Cajun Shrimp Sandwich – $6.95
Batter-dipped Shrimp in a spicy marinade, melted Jack cheese atop crisp lettuce and tangy slaw on a round roll with side spicy chips

Cheesy Fish Fillet – $6.95
Our fillet of fish topped with melted Muenster cheese, lettuce, and tomato with tarter sauce, on your choice of bread. ( add Avocado $ 1.25 )

Tuna Melt – $6.95
Our fresh home made tuna salad, choice of cheese, spread on a bed of lettuce and tomato...on your choice of bread or wrap grilled till the cheese melts. Comes with a side of chips.

LOU'S PO' BOY – $7.50
Choice of Louisiana style batter dipped Shrimp or Cajun Chicken Tenders over lettuce topped with Jack cheese and creamy slaw and our New Orleans sauce on a fresh roll..side spicy chips

Fish Grinder – $6.95
Deep fried Fillet of Fish over lettuce with tomato,topped with cole slaw, sliced pickle and Russian dressing on a toasted roll

The Snookie – $6.95
Sauteed shrimp in garlic butter and olive oil smothered with provolone cheese and tomato sauce on a toasted roll...side macaroni salad

Shrimp Basket – $7.95
Batter dipped butterfly shrimp fried till golden brown,crisp fries,Cole slaw and sliced pickle.

#15 7 inch sub – $5.95
Tuna Salad (Homemade) with lettuce,tomato,onion,seasoning and dressing on a fresh 1/2 Italian Sub...

#27 Tuna & Provolone from our original sub menu – $6.50
Our own Home style Tuna Salad, Provolone Cheese ,lettuce,tomato,onion,seasoning and dressing on a 1/2 Italian sub

Tuna Salad Platter – $7.95
Our crisp mixed greens, tomato, olives & cucumbers with a scoop of potato salad, cole slaw and our own Tuna salad with your favorite dressing

Nantucket Tuna salad – $6.75
Our own Tuna Salad spread on a giant sandwich size English Muffin sitting on a bed of lettuce and topped with roasted peppers,tomato,sliced pickle drizzled with pesto mayo. Comes with side chips.

Deep Sea Grinder – $6.95
Our flaky fillet of FISH deep fried golden brown topped with creamy slaw and melted cheese with Russian dressing and sliced pickle on a bed of lettuce. Choice of bread

Fish Fillet platter – $7.95
Wonderful fish fillet breaded and fried lightly with Fries, Slaw,lettuce and tomato..side tarter or cocktail sauce

Shrimp Grinder Special – $6.95
Our butterfly shrimp batter dipped and fried over lettuce topped with creamy slaw and sliced pickle with Tartar sauce. ( add cheese $.75 )

TGIF Shrimp Special – $6.75
Fantail shrimp batter dipped and deep fried topped with melted muenster cheese over lettuce and tomato covered with tartar sauce and pickles.