Salad Subs

Garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, oil, vinegar, spices

#15 7 inch sub – $5.95
Tuna Salad (Homemade) with lettuce,tomato,onion,seasoning and dressing on a fresh 1/2 Italian Sub...

#27 Tuna & Provolone from our original sub menu – $6.50
Our own Home style Tuna Salad, Provolone Cheese ,lettuce,tomato,onion,seasoning and dressing on a 1/2 Italian sub

#37 – $5.50
Chicken & Turkey Salad smothered with lettuce,tomato,onion,seasoning and our dresssing

#16 – $5.50
Egg Salad, lettuce ,tomato,onion,seasoning and dressing on our 7 inch sub

#28 – $6.50
Our Home style Tuna Salad atop American Cheese....You'll love it covered with Lettuce,tomato,onion,seasoning and dressing ..A true favorite at Lou's..

Caprese Sandwich – $6.25
Soft Mozzarella, Sweet Roasted Peppers, Basil, Pesto and Tomato on 1/2 Italian Sub Toasted so the mozzarella melts over the fresh sliced tomato with side chips....

Roman Caprese mozzarella sandwich – $6.75
Soft moist mozzarella cheese, ripe plum tomatoes, roasted sweet peppers, sliced olives drizzled with EVOO and seasoning on top of lettuce between fresh Italian bread with side chips..