Monday Trenton Special (February 11, 2019)

HOT roast beef sandwich with gravy fries SPECIAL – $7.50

Our Thumans low sodium roast beef sliced thin and simmered in our brown gravy layered with melted cheese in our toasted half sub. Gravy fries come as a side.

Grilled Deli – $6.50

Our new round flat bread seasoned and stuffed with you favorite cheese, Deli Ham, Turkey and roast beef with sliced tomato and lettuce grilled crisp


Our Angus 100% all beef burger on a 1/2 sub covered with melted cheese,saute onions,lettuce,tomato and sliced pickles topped with mayo, mustard and ketchup.

California Turkey – $6.75

Thumans low sodium Turkey breast sliced thin piled high and smothered with Muenster cheese, lettuce,tomato sliced cucumber,slaw and Ranch dressing

Monday Trenton special – $7.25

Mild Trenton Porkroll, melted yellow American cheese, saute peppers and onions on a 1/2 sub with fries OR side onion rings